Gul Front

The Gul Front Experience

Gul Front translates into English – Yellow Front. Not in any sense meaning something political. On the contrary, Gul Front is far from anything like that.

Starting out in early 2009 lead singer Mike and lead bass player Daniel started drawing out plans for what would eventually become Gul Front. The same year lead drummer Love joined the band.

Struggling with members coming and going for a couple of years, the trio of Mike, Daniel & Love always remained… Until the day they met lead guitar/keyboard/sound engineer Dejo. A heavenly match was made and the band could finally set out to conquer the world – or at least parts of Sweden.

Today Gul Front travels Scandinavia and parts of Europe. To put it simple – After Ski in the winter and After Beach in the summer, and of course private gatherings as well.

Almost every band in the business are great musicians/singers. So what makes Gul Front special? Well, one thing is for sure. Nobody, actually meaning nobody, including the band itself knows when they go on stage what’s going to happen for the next hour. No set lists or backing tracks – just complete focus on the crowd, letting them be the greater part of the show. Click here to contact us.


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